Prabhas Raju Uppalapati

Prabhas Raju Uppalapati

Prabhas Raju Uppalapati

Name: Uppalapati Venkata Suryanarayana Prabhas Raju
Other Name: Prabhas, ప్రభాస్ రాజు ఉప్పలపాటి
Born: 23 October 1979
Birth Place: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Star Sign: Scorpio
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Eye colour: Brown
Profession: Actor
Citizenship: India
Language: Telugu
Home Address: Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
About:Prabhas Raju Uppalapati” Popularly known as ‘‘Prabhas” is Tollywood Actor and the Nephew of Tollywood Star & Politician Rebel Star Krishnam Raju. Prabhas has become a very famous hero in Tollywood in a very short span of time. His full name is Prabhas Raju Uppalapati. He was born on 23rd of October 1979 in chennai, India. Prabhas is considered to be the most handsome hero in tollywood among contemporary heroes.


  • Father: U.Suryanarayana Raju
  • Mother: Siva Kumari
  • Sister: Pragathi
  • Brother: Prabodh
  • Uncle: Shri KrishnamRaju


  • Hero: Krishnam Raju
  • Heroine: Savitri
  • Directors: Maniratnam, Ram Gopal Varma
  • Muisc Director: A.R Rahman
  • Debut Movie: Eshwar

Filmography of Prabhas Raju Uppalapati:

  1. Eeshwar (2002)
  2. Raghavendra (2003)
  3. Varsham (2004)
  4. Adavi Ramudu (2004)
  5. Chakram (2005)
  6. Chatrapathi (2005)
  7. Pournami (2006)
  8. Yogi (2007)
  9. Munna (2007)
  10. Bujjigadu (2008)
  11. Billa (2009)
  12. Ek Niranjan (2009)
  13. Darling (2010)
  14. Mr. Perfect (2011)
  15. Rebel (2011)
  16. Mirchi (2013)

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Some Pictures of Prabhas Raju Uppalapati

Prabhas Raju Uppalapati
Prabhas family pic
Prabhas Raju Uppalapati
Prabhas family
Prabhas with uncle
Prabhas with uncle
Prabhas pencil portrait
Prabhas pencil portrait
Prabhas Mirchi Movie Latest Photo
Prabhas Mirchi Movie Latest Photo

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